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“Shore360 is my office in the Philippines. The environment, support & guidance that the Shore360 team have given me has made it possible to establish a team that fits my business.”


Industry: Flower Grower Agent/Flower Auction selling B2B


Christensens Flower Auction

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“As a startup business I wanted to ensure I got off on the right foot so I visited about 15 different BPOs in Manila & Clark. With Shore360, it was clear they were really interested in the success of my business. The personal attention I receive is outstanding.”


Industry: Accounting

ProCFO Pty Ltd

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“We understand much better now how differently Filipinos think and work from Australians. I am just sorry I didn’t ask for your help earlier as it would have saved us months of frustration and challenges.”


Industry: Financial and Accounting

Connected Accountants

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“We have saved some 60% in labor costs and our Australian team now have time to focus on expansion not production”


Industry: Online Retailer


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Realising Opportunity