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I was naturally skeptical of ShoreDigital (being located in the Philippines) but magically from the first project they have proved to be professional and a joy to work with.

If skill, timeliness, courtesy and competence are also important to you then I highly recommend others use the ShoreDigital team.

Warwick Lindsay
WeldConnect has been operating just over 4 years and was into its third company to assist us build our integrated Website with our APP, with no success. We were introduced to Sam, Ben & Tammy 2017 and we have not looked back. Their sounding ear, amazing energy and will to persist has now cemented the exact system we require to Grow and support our customers. We just love the labour force they have directed us to, and the generous time Sam, Ben & Tammy give us to learn with them. Jump on board, you will not find a better team than ShoreDigital.
David Crosby
ShoreDigital are truly part of our TEAM and have added huge value to our business and taken a lot of pressure off in being able to rely on work been done. It is a leap of faith to have such important tasks outsourced from your office. But I can report without any hesitation that it has been one of the best moves we have done. The standard, skill and professionalism of the Shore Digital team is second to none and we have complete confidence in ShoreDigital.
The main requirement of our business is fast response time, which ShoreDigital have exceeded our expectations.

We would like to thank the team for their quality work and speedy responses!

Joss Morren
Nedlands Group
Sam and the team are brilliant. As a new and growing business, we need fast turnaround times within ‘start up budgets’ and the team at Shore Digital consistently deliver.
Scott Blackburn
Fluoro Medical Pty Ltd
Big thank you to all the team at ShoreDigital

Being in the restaurant business we know about food, but our basic knowledge of digital platforms was sadly lacking.

With ShoreDigital managing one of our most important assets, the business website, from the design/creation to ongoing platform maintenance and security, we completely trust their professionalism and advice.

ShoreDigital has transitioned us into the digital age and with ongoing background support and keeping us abreast of current cyber threats. Their honest appraisals and business integrity give us a sense of “we’re in very safe hands”.

Tracy Diamond
In 2016, faced with tough competition and dwindling margins, I made the decision to move my company’s operations team from Melbourne, Australia to Shore360 in Clark in the Philippines. The decision wasn’t made lightly. Shore360 were phenomenal in helping make a seamless transition. We continue to operate with Shore360 years later and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shore360 as a partner for anyone considering to move staff to the Philippines. A special thanks to our account manager, Paula, for everything she has done to help us grow our team and operations.
Liam McCarroll
Better Batt



Our dilemma was common to small business. To grow to the next level we needed
to install a level of support for our key “frontline” personnel, mainly in Sales and Production.
The cost to do this locally is substantial and prohibitive – we deliberated for some time
how to solve this issue and decided to investigate BPO outsourcing.
Several leading companies in our field had made this move and after an initial “bedding down” were realising the benefits

Our MD visited Clark earlier in the year and spent several days meeting with a short list of recommended BPO companies

We chose Shore360 – they “got us” from the first meeting and we felt they were experienced and large enough to offer the resources we needed whilst providing a tailored
personal service

Initially we didn’t know exactly what to expect and needed a “nurturing” interaction with the Shore360 team – we are pleased to say the combination of Lee’s hands -on style combined with Charisse’s intuitive professional support and Chiqui’s recruitment expertise
have given us results above anticipated level so early in our undertaking

It has now been close to a year- we have a team of six in a dedicated environment, performing accounts, graphics, sales & production tasks

We are very happy to recommend the team at Shore360 to any company considering a BPO service

Bob Macdonald
Arid Zone Group
Over 10 years ago we were searching for offshore solutions that strengthened our companies.

After experimenting with outsourcing from many countries, we learnt that the skills and cultural alignment was best in the Philippines.

To build offshore teams we needed reliability, security and quality recruitment support to create a stable extension to our Australian team to enable profitable growth.

We found that not all BPOs are the same. Trialing various BPOs in central Manila and later in the Clark Freeport Zone, we have settled our core offshore team with Shore360 in Clark for a variety of reasons.

Over the last 6 years I’ve found Shore360 different to other BPOs as the owners have maintained a personal service level even though Shore360 has expanded at a rapid rate.

We can connect with Account Managers, Recruitment Leaders or the owners of Shore360 and always feel welcome. They have given us the confidence to add to our suite of brands and try new ideas.

We have relied heavily on Shore360 to source talent, support cultural and performance issues and simply hold our hand to guide us through ANY small or large problem.

This is the core difference I see from other BPOs – quality in support and assistance for us to realize our vision for an offshore team. Offshoring is a learning journey – there’s lots to learn.

A supportive BPO that is prepared to understand your business and invest the time and effort to help you get it right is the key to your success.

Shore360 has been an instrument to the success of our business for more than two years. Their staff have been extremely helpful, hats off to Sam (Account Manager) for always looking after the team.

Trusting them works because they employ self-directed, fast learners and awesome people who take pride in both a job well done and continuous improvement by handling the routine tasks so that we can keep focused on client satisfaction and business growth.

Throughout the course of our offshoring, Shore360 has been the outstanding achiever through its demonstration of utilizing overseas outsourcing services effectively. They are playing an integral role in formulating our outsourcing strategy for the past years.

Using Shore360, is like hiring a TEAM of people to drive our business forward.

Thank you for everything you do! 😊

Dave Tilton



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