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Quality, dedication
and loyalty

When I was first introduced to Shore360, I was told the recruitment team would be able to find suitable candidates for our editing by the following morning, and I’ll admit that I didn’t believe. But true to your word, there were three qualified editors when we arrived at 8am the following morning and one of them was exactly who we were looking for. We’ve always been impressed by the talent the Philippines has to offer.


Wedding Photographers

Phenomenal In Helping Make A Seamless Transition

When we made the decision to move our company’s operations team offshore the decision wasn’t made lightly. Shore360 were phenomenal in helping make a seamless transition. We continue to operate with Shore360 years later and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shore360 as a partner for anyone considering to move staff to the Philippines.


Commercial Retailer

Extraordinary Results

Initially we didn’t know exactly what to expect and needed a “nurturing” interaction with the Shore360 team. We are pleased to say the intuitive and professional support and recruitment expertise have given us extraordinary results above anticipated levels and expectations.


Global Warranty and Insurance

Estimated Labour Savings Of 50% To 75% Against Local Costs

Shore360 is my office in the Philippines. The environment, support & guidance that the Shore360 team have given me has made it possible to establish a team that fits my business. We have saved some 60% in labor costs and our Australian team now have time to focus on expansion not production.


Wholesale Florist

Energy & Advice

The Shore teams amazing energy and advice has now cemented the exact system we require to grow and support our customers. We just love the labour force they have directed us to, and the generous time the leadership team gives us to learn. Jump on board, you will not find a better team than Shore360.


Safety Compliance

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