Fast Start, Low-Risk Option
To Building Your Team

Staff lease is a fast start, low-risk option to building your team in the Philippines. Have the option to start with one member and slowly grow your offshoring team in a shared working environment.

Remain in total control of your team’s business processes and output. Staff leasing offers a transparent pricing model, no mark-up on salary, no long term contracts, no exit fees, and no penalties.

Included In
Your Staff Lease

  • Employ your own dedicated full-time team
    40 hours per week
  • Manage and maintain full control of your
    team and tasks
  • One-off set up and recruitment fee
  • Most cost-effective model
  • Scale discounts for larger teams
  • Business Facility
    Corporate office ecosystem supporting more than 900 talented workers
    24 hour 7 day operation
    Free use of facilities when visiting your team that includes meeting rooms, training rooms, conference & telecommunication facilities
    Time and attendance system
    Keypad biometric
    Magnetic door locking to quarantine workspace
  • Technology & Hardware
    Multiple ISP connectivity with full redundancy automatic fail over
    Full uninterrupted power supply with generator backup
    Online time management dashboard & client portal
    CCTV monitoring
    Computer hardware including dual screen, headset & webcam
  • Staff Benefits
    Staff pantry
    Company subsidised lunch service
    Free staff jeepney shuttle service
    Staff parking
    Free barista coffee
    ShoreXtra perks
  • Support Team
    Account management
    HR management
    Payroll services
    Talent Search & Recruitment
    IT System & Administration
    Helpdesk Operation 24/7

Upgrade Or Customise For
Your Business Needs

Upgrade Your Office Space

Open shared office environment
Private office spaces
Modified or ‘build your own’ business space

Upgrade Your Software

Add licensed software
Applications including Adobe CS5, MS Office 365, Autodesk, AutoCAD

Upgrade Your Hardware

Increase or modify your systems
specification to meet various
technical requirements

Add a VoIP Service

World standard supply partners available on application

No Hidden Costs

  • No fixed contract term
  • No exit fees or penalties
  • Salary at cost of employment
  • Facility fee inclusive of workstation and
    equipment, corporate office facilities and
    amenities in a modern open office environment
  • Administration, HR, payroll and IT support
  • Security deposit fully refundable
  • One off talent acquisition and set up fee
  • Upgrade options for hardware, private
    office space and connectivity
  • Scale discounts available for larger teams

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