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In The Philippines

Shift time intensive business tasks to
more cost effective locations

What Makes Us Different?

We take the time to work with you and your organisation to build your dedicated offshore team in the Philippines. We help you to find the best staff with the right skills while we take care of the office facilities, IT, recruitment, HR, payroll and more.

We offer flexible working arrangements for your staff with offices in the top cities across the Philippines.

Start with one employee, no lock in contract, open book pricing, no exit fees and an offshore partner that will support your business goals from cost savings to incorporation.


We Are Your Offshore Success Partner In The Philippines


We Are Your Offshore Success Partner In The Philippines

Shore360 - Lee

Shore360 Founder & President

A quick tour of Shore360 talent and operation with Lee Shaddock.

Shore360 Client

Chris Green, co-founder of a leading company in the hospitality industry, talks about her remote team at Shore360.

Shore360 Employee

Henrico Muñoz, Shore360 Account Manager and Client Liaison.

Flexible Solutions


Staff Lease

Staff lease is a fast start, low-risk option to building your team in the Philippines.


Dedicated Office Space

Brand your private office and build your culture.


Build Operate Transfer

Is it your ultimate goal to incorporate your own business in the Philippines?


Work From Home &

Payroll Services

Flexible workforce distribution solutions.


Agency Services

Access talent ready to take your brief.

High Level Expertise

A Team Approach

With Shore360 by your side, getting started is easy.


Talent & Recruitment

Access perfectly matched candidates for your business. Remember, this is your culture, your team, your decision.


Engagement & Retention

Shore360 puts employees first by investing in recruiting, retaining, motivating, and engaging the brightest in the industry.


Technology & Security

Infrastructure, connectivity, security, and recovery, for your business and your offshore team.


Location & Facility

Our primary focus in planning our flexible workplaces is in providing work environments that reflect our clients’ cultures, enable employee productivity and create a sense of community.


Unlimited Roles

Working with Shore360, our clients establish their own operation, employing talent and experience across a wide range of disciplines.


Quality, dedication and loyalty

When I was first introduced to Shore360, I was told the recruitment team would be able to find suitable candidates for our editing by the following morning, and I’ll admit that I didn’t believe. But true to your word, there were three qualified editors when we arrived at 8am the following morning and one of them was exactly who we were looking for. We’ve always been impressed by the talent the Philippines has to offer.


Wedding Photographers

Extraordinary Results

Initially we didn’t know exactly what to expect and needed a “nurturing” interaction with the Shore360 team. We are pleased to say the intuitive and professional support and recruitment expertise have given us extraordinary results above anticipated levels and expectations.


Global Warranty and Insurance

Phenomenal In Helping Make A Seamless Transition

When we made the decision to move our company’s operations team offshore the decision wasn’t made lightly. Shore360 were phenomenal in helping make a seamless transition. We continue to operate with Shore360 years later and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shore360 as a partner for anyone considering to move staff to the Philippines.


Commercial Retailer

Estimated Labour Savings Of 50% To 75% Against Local Costs

Shore360 is my office in the Philippines. The environment, support & guidance that the Shore360 team have given me has made it possible to establish a team that fits my business. We have saved some 60% in labor costs and our Australian team now have time to focus on expansion not production.


Wholesale Florist

Energy & Advice

The Shore teams amazing energy and advice has now cemented the exact system we require to grow and support our customers. We just love the labour force they have directed us to, and the generous time the leadership team gives us to learn. Jump on board, you will not find a better team than Shore360.


Safety Compliance


I Love Every Minute

4 years in Shore360! Time has flown and I have loved every minute during this time. I have learnt and grown professionally and personally. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way in my journey.

Jane Reyes

Great Opportunity

Working at Shore360 is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to work in a family environment with a great client in my chosen career.

Mike Cruz

Family-Oriented Culture

Shore360 is simply, awesome! I have been working here since 2017 and looking forward to celebrating more years with them.

Jeric Mendez

Career Growth

Shore360 has given me the opportunity for career growth. I’m grateful to have started as an admin staff and have become the head of operations.

Rence Tanhueco

Stable Company

I love working here at Shore360 because it is a stable company, especially for working mums like me. It’s not flashy, but it’s grounded. And best of all, Shore360 prioritizes its staff.

Maan Samson

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