Nicki’s Story

Nicki Christensen, Owner (Retired from Day to Day)

Company Name: Christensen Flower Auctions
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Industry: Australia’s largest flower grower agent and only flower auction selling B2B serving the industry for more than 20 years.


“Lee & his company Shore360 stood out from the rest because of the people.”


Christensen’s Flower Auction is my core business and I have been CEO of my own company for the past 10 years. My business is heavily automated and 80% online. Given that Lee from Shore360 had achieved amazing results for other companies in this space, I was naturally interested in him and his team from the start.

The unlimited possibilities is highlighted by what we did. We taught Filipino to become live flower buyer agents for our retail B2B flower customers and because of what I have been able to achieve at Shore360, I have now started a new company that I had only ever dreamed about. “Just awesome!”


“Shore360 is my office in the Philippines. The environment, support & guidance that the Shore360 team have given me has made it possible to establish a team that fits my business.”


Shore360 stood out from the rest right from the outset. I wanted to find the best, from a cost point of view and also from a Filipino point of view regarding work space. Out of all the companies I visited, Shore360 was the ones that felt like their teams were happy and working and of course I wanted a local office where I felt supported and part of the team, not just another customer or a serviced office. This is where my business could belong. The cost factors stacked up, Shore360 was actually one of the most transparent providers because they outlined their costs, offer contract conditions void of fixed terms, restrictions on access to staff or exit penalties. Their client retention strategy relies entirely on delivering a quality service and professional support for my Filipino team. This is the key to getting the best provider in the Philippines.

I now truly understand that anything really is possible providing you have the right local partner, who can deliver great talent, focus and drive. If you are wanting to grow your business, follow your long held dream or simply need to drive down cost factors to increase your margins, get in contact with Shore360, you will be amazingly glad that you did.

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