Get Started, Keep Going

Your offshoring journey in the Philippines begins in a simple process. It starts with you identifying which administrative and back-office support tasks can easily be performed via phone, computer or both.

6 Steps to Offshoring

Step 1:

Define Your Service Requirements

Together we will work out what you need, build a staffing plan and develop a budget.

Step 2:

Agree On Your Terms

A service agreement is provided along with an implementation plan and timeline to ensure we are all working from the same page.

Step 3:

Customise Your Infrastructure

Our team of technical specialists work with you to develop an optimal local IT platform to meet your business needs.

Step 4:

Find Your Team

We believe recruitment is the most important step, people are the key to every business’s success. We recruit only the best.

Step 5:

Tune Your Way Of Doing Business

We work with you to train and induct your new staff to your culture, your workflows and your business objectives.

Step 6:

We Are With You Every Step Of The Way

Our on ground leadership team are with you throughout the journey to ensure the success of your offshore operation. Today and Tomorrow.

A Team Approach

With Shore360 by your side, getting started is easy. You focus on building a dedicated team without having to worry about office facilities, recruitment, HR, payroll, IT computer equipment and connectivity. We handle all of that and you just manage your new team and their work. It’s a Team Approach!

Office Administration Team

Dedicated to making Shore360 a great place to work, the Office Administration Team maintains all community facilities including breakout areas, canteen and dining rooms, teleconference and training facilities, community announcements, cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

Staff Engagement Team

Complimenting our client engagement and retention initiative our Staff Engagement Team coordinate and deliver our ShoreXtra Perks from seasonal events, competitions and giveaways to Promo’s and free Barista coffee.

The Engagement Team runs Shore360 community clubs and programs in basketball, photography group, gym and dance just to mention a few, keeping your staff active and engaged.

HR Admin Staff & Support Services

Our HR Department is your HR Department and as the legal employer we are disciplined in directing you to conduct performance evaluations, one on one feedback, supporting engagement and retention strategies and embracing your company culture.

Our team of HR experts is available to guide you on all aspects of the Philippine Labor Code and conduct all formal requirements and compliance.

Payroll & Compliance Support Team

Shore360 is well experienced in managing payroll services that meet the stringent Philippine Labor Code, scheduling, reporting and compliance conditions.

Our Payroll & Compliance Team also manages Philippine government loans, social welfare applications, annual tax returns, compliance for staff and 13th month payments.

24/7 IT System Admin & Help Desk Support

Monitoring connectivity and online activity across 3 ISP operators and 4 office buildings, our IT system Admin and Help Desk operation maintains a 3 minute response time to issues logged 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

No issue is too big or too small for our techs focused on delivering the best online user experience for your offshore team.


Working directly with your IT System Admin the NOC Team design, configure and optimise connectivity to your business for your Offshore Team.

Hardware configuration, VoIP interface, data security, routing and connectivity are all set up to your particular requirements. Constantly monitoring our network infrastructure and redundancies, the NOC Team delivers continuous connectivity and reliability.

IT Project Team

In our ever changing world where new technology and communications are an everyday event, our IT Project Management Team keeps Shore360 networks and infrastructure at the forefront maintaining a continuous improvement and upgrade program.

Operating independently to our NOC and IT System Admin Teams, Project Management is focused and keeps our operation current with world’s best standards.

Account Management Team

Your Account Manager, often referred to as a Client Coach is assigned to assist you with local culture, communications, 180 degree feedback and managing local challenges.

Your eyes and ears on the ground, your Account Manager provides co-management support and assistance to ensure you are always in a position to make informed decisions.

Talent Search & Recruitment Team

Jobs360 is the proud recruitment division of Shore360, Inc. The Jobs360 team focuses on connecting the best people with the best roles with the best clients.

Jobs360 is able to offer an amazing place to work with fantastic clients and great jobs to suit all career aspirations. It has a database of over 10,000 professionals, market testing with advertising, job fairs, social media, university alumni, referrals & active sourcing.

24/7 Security Personnel

The Shore360 Security Team maintains guard personnel on all entry / exit doors, RFID programmed control with all internal office locations, CCTV and bio movement records to maintain quarantine security standards in all Shore360 office locations.

We take data security and client confidentiality seriously and install workplace security protocols to meet client requirements in the assigned office space for your offshore team.

Medical Team

Each Shore360 office environment offers a fully serviced medical clinic with nurse and doctor, annual medical check ups for all staff, dentist services, discounted gym memberships. Monthly topics are published on OH&S, health, technology and world events.

Our Medical Team are fully qualified safety and OSH (Occupational Health & Safety) officers. All are key members of our emergency response team.

COVID19 Team

Our frontline COVID19 team manages all physical aspects of our new normal workplace to ensure our offices exceed medical conditions and standards for entry/exit, physical distancing and emergency response to any related medical event.

The COVID19 Team maintains records of all staff activity in office, and delivers contact tracing details to Philippine government regulated standards with our new normal policies.

Shore360 provides you with on-ground assistance co-managing your team with the following support:

The Immediate


Increased Budget For Other Money-making Activities And Campaigns

The overall costs of hiring and employing staff in the Philippines are significantly lower compared to local employment costs. This will increase the budget of your business for other activities that will boost and increase your ROI.

Increased Space For Core Business Activities

Shift your administrative and back-office support operations to your offshoring space here in the Philippines and turn your local office space into a headquarter office specifically operating core business activities.

Saved Time And Resources Of Administration

Shore360 Inc., guarantees to provide administrative, payroll, and HR support to your offshoring team, ensuring they are entitled to the local social security and health services and compliant with the tax and labour code regulations of the country.

Retain Expertise

We are dedicated to ensuring that your staff quickly build up knowledge about your business and learn how things operate in your company. Shore360 Inc., will provide the leadership and support your staff requires to embrace your company culture, drive positive internal engagement, and increase employees’ company loyalty.

Expansion Of Workforce In Your Time

Once you start your offshoring journey, you will quickly discover that there are little to no barriers in setting up your company in the Philippines. A start-up offshoring business requires no capital investment and provides quick returns.

What makes Shore360 different is that we invest in an understanding of your organisation, and as your partner in the Philippines, we help you get it right

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