Maintaining a connection with your team and your data is paramount.

This is why Shore360 has made significant investment in IT infrastructure, connectivity, security, and recovery capability for your business and your offshore team. We also have a full suite of policies and procedures ensuring full compliance with business requirements.

IT Infrastructure Framework

Our IT infrastructure is designed and operated to Australian standards, underpinned by full redundancy, automatic fail-over?, and 24/7 IT technicians.

Each component of the network is designed to be upgradable, expandable, and flexible with multiple deployment options based on your needs and circumstances.

Our IT Infrastructure Framework Includes

Logical Network Design – VLAN segregation of clients, multiple layers of redundancy for core infrastructure.
Network Operations Centre operating 24/7/365 monitoring our equipment and our clients’ services.
Highly customisable access control including automatic locking of workstations when inactive, capability to disable USB storage devices, restricted internet usage, and ability to disable printer access.
Optional controlled working environment, multi-factor authentication, no electronic device policy (including smartphones), CCTV, and private security on operations floor.

Visibility, Accountability & Security

Shore360 works closely with all clients to ensure the security of staff and data. Lifecycle support from initial hire, managing day to day activity to workplace set up offers a robust standard in visibility, accountability and security.

Hire the right people

All new staff undergo a third party background investigation including identity verification, employment verification, academic verification, credit records, and criminal check

All new staff undergo a full fit to work medical examination

All new staff are required to submit an extensive list of pre-employment requirements including Barangay clearances, National Bureau of Investigation police clearance

Employment contracts contain conditions on confidentiality, intellectual property, and non compete

Code of conduct polices and staff handbook includes minimum standards in acceptable IT and security behaviours

Staff release and clearance process includes returning all client and Shore360 assets, including deactivating passwords and the return of ID and proximity cards

Manage your staff

Online access to time and attendance dashboard with real time reporting

Client portal to company communications, workplace restrictions, staff handbook, and monitoring tools

Approver control of payroll and leave management schedules

ShoreFamily updates on internal and country wide activities and events

Watch your team

CCTV with client access to playback and 30 day records

Desktop monitoring solutions such as ActivTrak or similar technologies

Stay in touch

MYSHORE intranet

ShoreFamily updates

Account Management monthly reporting and feedback

On premises security

Onsite roaming guards 24/7

RFID restricted access readers for individual building and private office access

Customised Security Protocols

Security setup for clients that require heightened security to match specific domestic operations. Shore360 is highly experienced in customising environments to meet all required protocols.

Dedicated offices with independent RFID reader access

Entrance to a dedicated environment guarded with 24/7 physical guards

Private office space with single point of entry

Visitor policies for announcement and access

Checked bags policy

Additional security camera monitoring with modified video resolution to avoid filming of data on screens

Internet and data access restrictions

Restrictions on all portable devices, mobile phones, USB and data transfer, personal equipment in the quarantine workplace