Empowering Excellence
And High Performance

Shore360 puts employees first by investing in recruiting, retaining, motivating and engaging the brightest in the industry.

We strive everyday to make Shore360 a Great Place to Work.

Our ShoreXtra‘s Program

Fun & continuous learning is key to our culture. We strive to create an environment where our teams come together through sports, events, advocacies or simply enjoying a relaxing time together to help foster great relationships.

Shore360 believes that there is a positive correlation between feeling happy at work and increasing productivity, engagement and the performance of employees. Our programs include:

We Are Family

At the core of everything we do is the welfare and best interests of the staff, our work family! We understand that our entire business model relies on our ability to attract and retain outstanding, high-quality talent. Similarly, we can’t execute our business if we don’t have a flourishing employee-driven ecosystem. With every single decision we make, we put our/your staffs’ best interests at heart first — Shore360 prides itself on its strong family culture.

A photo of a Shore360, Inc, employee participating in one of the events of the company by posing in a photo booth.
An image of a Shore360 employee being examined at one of the medical facilities of the company.

Everyone Connected

Our MYSHORE intranet offers a complete portal for information to ensure staff have access to all information from policies to parties. We see keeping staff informed as a must, communication is key.

Monthly Events

From Valentine’s day serenading, to Halloween trick or treating and most events in-between. We make sure we have fun!

Health and Wellbeing

Medical clinic with nurse and doctor
Annual medical check-ups
Dentist services
Discounted gym memberships
Monthly topics on OH&S, health, technology and world events are published

Annual End of Year Celebration

The event of the year! Organised on behalf of our clients, celebrating with a mix of local and global traditions. Everyone is invited!


Small acts when put together make a huge difference. Our ShoreFamily charity projects are run throughout the year offering different ways for staff to engage.


Shore360 staff access perks available every day of the year, from free barista coffee, jeepney transport and subsidised meals, to discounted phone plans and entertainment memberships.