We provide an open book approach to all pricing. We do not profit from staff salaries, so we
are always able to act in your best interest.

Our Pricing is designed to be simple and transparent, with standard business terms that are easy to work with. You pay a fixed monthly rate per employee and we pass the direct salary cost to you with no mark-up, no long-term contracts, no exit fees or penalties.

100% Transparency

  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Salary Cost
  • Transparent Facility Fee
  • 1 Month Security Deposit
  • One Off Setup Fee

Offshore Staffing Costs Comparison

Compare offshore staffing costs in sample roles against your costs to hire locally


Pricing includes your full time dedicated team member, business facilities, technology & hardware, staff benefits and Shore360 support team.

*Based on mid-range talent with 2 to 3 years’ work experience

Key Features Of Our Pricing

  • Labour Costs

    Presented at the cost of employment. We do not load wages or demand contract conditions preventing you from discussing salary with your employee or preventing you from direct employment in the future.

  • Staff Lease Fee

    Is inclusive of all business facilities, hardware and utility expenses with the options to upgrade in hardware and software to service more technical activities.

  • No Fixed Contracts

    Period or restraints that limit your options to establish your own branch office in the Philippines.

  • Options Range From

    A single seat lease in an open shared office environment, private open spaces through to modified or “build your own” business space.

  • Payroll and Administration Fee

    Include payroll services, bank charges and ongoing HR support.

  • All Statutory Costs

    And a provision for 13th month payments are inclusive in the monthly fee.

  • Scaled Discounts

    For teams greater than 5 staff.

  • No Exit Fees or Penalties

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