What Sets Us Apart

At Shore360, we do things a little differently. We invest in working with you and your organisation to build a solution, finding the right staff with the right skills who fit your business and getting your offshore team ready and tuned in to your business.

We guide and support you when you face challenges, as we understand the factors that can trip up the best-planned offshore initiatives.

Leading The Way

Shore360 is a 100% Australian owned enterprise with a Head Office based in the Clark Freeport Zone, Central Luzon, Philippines. We are a dynamic BPO, incorporated in 2014 with an Owners and Leadership Team rich in experience in outsourcing and offshore enterprise.

Our operating environment is a professional and corporate office ecosystem across 2 regions with 4 office buildings accommodating some 6,000 square metres supporting more than 900 talented workers for businesses around the world. Our facilities include the required teleconference, meeting and breakout areas to accommodate your onsite training activities and staff amenities. Options range from payroll and flexible remote worker solutions, single staff lease in an open shared office environment, private office spaces through to build, operate & transfer models supporting clients looking to incorporate.

Our clients benefit from fully customisable service delivery models aimed at meeting the requirements of companies both large and small and in the various stages of evolution, all backed by our solid suite of shared support services including recruitment, HR, finance, design, development and IT support. We have a proud history of working with some of the biggest, smallest and best-known companies globally and set the standard for exceptional offshoring.

Family Values

Shore360 Wha Hoo Service Delivery

WHA HOO Delivery Service

WHA HOO delivery service is a norm at Shore360. It provokes a WHA HOO reaction or response in knowing you delivered an exceptional service.

To WHA HOO, you must differentiate yourself and do something a little unconventional and innovative. You must go above and beyond what is expected and whatever you do must have an emotional impact on the receiver – a desire to yell WHA HOO!

Shore360 is not your average company. We have exceptional professionals aiming to provide WHA HOO delivery services consistently. We seek to WHA HOO our co-workers, customers, vendors, partners, and our investors.

We Are Family

We place a lot of emphasis on values that represent a family. In our case, our extended families are our workmates and clients. We believe that the best teams are comprised of individuals who work together, respect each other, and embrace the values of an extended family.

We are more than a team – we are a family. We care, appreciate, and go far and beyond for each other. We trust and have faith in each other. Our bonds go beyond the “co-worker” relationships found at most companies. We encourage diversity in ideas, opinions, and points-of-view.

Be Adventurous

Shore360 welcomes risks and mistakes. We believe that errors and failures encourage our staff and clients to persevere towards excellence.

We are adventurers and explorers, creating inventive ways to break the norm and status quo. We believe in pursuing creative solutions, hoping to pave our own way. We approach situations and challenges with an open mind. At times, our unconventional solutions are what brings us to rise above and stay ahead of the competition.

Best People

​Our business is successful because of our people. Our clients are our priority. We strive to make every client a “partner for life” by providing extraordinary people, a genuine partner in the Philippines and a WHA HOO delivery service.

We aim to attract, develop, and retain the best talents we can find. Our goal is to develop the skills and talents of our people because we believe each individual has the potential for greatness! Our best will challenge themselves, understand their customers’ needs, and stretch themselves towards greatness.

Everyone we bring on board only requires the expertise in adapting well in any environment and a quick mind with an ability to learn rapidly. We expect growth, not only from the company but from our people as well.

Humble Pie

Our successes can make our hearts grow bigger but can also make our pride fatter. At Shore360, a “humble pie” is served every day to remind everyone to respect the journey and to appreciate what the future holds.

We believe in having respect for one another like a true family. We celebrate individual and team successes, ensuring we stay humble and grounded as we become more successful. We hope to carry ourselves in quiet confidence believing that, in the long run, our characters will speak for our humble beginnings and accomplishments.

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