Solutions For Your
Remote Workers

Already have staff on the ground in the Philippines, working from home or remote locations?
Already invested your time and energy training them to full production levels and don’t want to lose them?

Remote work from home options are available designed to cater to today’s challenges and market demands aligned to the way we live and work.

Options Available

Options range from basic payroll & employment services supporting contractors to full-service connectivity that includes:

Payroll Services
We can provide a payroll system that offers entitlement to social security and health services ensuring your staff are legal and tax compliant. Secure your remote worker and avoid the risk of having them disappear overnight or caught avoiding tax obligations.

  • Compliant to Philippine labour code
  • BIR taxation paid
  • SSS, Pag-Ibig & Philhealth contributions
  • Includes 13th month payment
  • Full HR and online payroll services

Full Service Connectivity
Shore360 can provide a customised workforce distribution plan that determines the most effective work setup and locations for your team.

  • Desk and office chair
  • Dual screen desktop computer hardware or laptop
  • 50mbps fibre optic (home) internet service
  • Online payroll, time, and attendance management
  • Monitoring with client portal dashboard
  • Remote system administration that includes content filtering tools and remote wipe and recovery

All Options Include

  • Business Facility
    24 hour 7 day operation
    Free use of facilities when visiting your team meeting rooms, training rooms, conference & telecommunication facilities
    Time and attendance system
  • Staff Benefits
    ShoreXtra perks
  • Support Team
    Account management
    HR management
    Payroll services
    IT system & administration
    Helpdesk operation 24/7

Remote work capabilities remain subject to available services in the relative location and limited DRP options in the event of utility outages. Remote work options are personalised and managed to specific client requirements.

Upgrade Or Customise For
Your Business Needs

Upgrade Your Office Space

Open shared office environment
Private office spaces
Modified or ‘build your own’ business space

Upgrade Your Software

Add licensed software
Applications including Adobe CS5, MS Office 365, Autodesk, AutoCAD

Upgrade Your Hardware

Increase or modify your systems
specification to meet various
technical requirements

Add a VoIP Service

World standard supply partners available on application

No Hidden Costs

  • No exit fees or penalties
  • Salary at cost of employment
  • Administration, HR, payroll and IT support
  • Security deposit fully refundable
  • One off talent acquisition and set up fee
  • Upgrade options for hardware, private
    office space and connectivity

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