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5 Things to Consider in Hiring the Right Customer Service Representative

New customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention. A customer that regularly buys and is loyal to the brand is the golden egg for any type of business. For this reason, putting the right person to handle customer communications and services is critical for a business that relies heavily on the revenue generated by higher Customer Lifetime Value and is using Net Promoter Score as a business KPI.

When hiring a customer service representative for your business, bear in mind that you are searching for a person who will not just represent your brand and position your brand’s value in the minds of your customers; you are also searching for a key person in your business who can help you grow your revenue by prolonging your customers’ lifetime in your business and by reducing marketing costs.

So before you set your heart into thinking that because there are hundreds of thousands of Filipinos with a background in customer service you’d be able to get a good one quite fast, it is important to screen candidates not just by looking at what’s stated in their resumes but also by looking for tell-tale signs of a potential valuable employee during your interview.
Here’s a guide on what to consider if you want to hire the right offshore talent for the role.

Check on their problem-solving skills

A good Customer Service Representative should know how to handle the nitty-gritty phases of support because accuracy and quality of information is an important part of the customer experience.
Customers want service representatives who are confident and capable of working through steps to resolve and satisfy their needs. They must know how to handle pressures and think on their feet when customers throw curveballs their way. Challenge them with a real day-to-day problem in your interview with them to see how they handle situations.

They must have clear and good communication skills

Consider hiring a Customer Service Representative who knows how to listen and understand what the situation is. It is essential to communicate clearly so that customers know what to expect. A good communicator should also know how to use positive language to avoid miscommunication and misconception.

Assess their soft skills

Hire candidates who are capable of quickly building relationships and rapport with your customers. Soft skills are crucial for customer service roles. They must exhibit:

  • Patience. This is a necessity for customer service because they will be dealing with angry customers and customers who need extra attention. Some will have problems that require digging and following up to fix the problem. So your hires must have the patience to listen closely and persistently try to help.
  • Empathy. Being able to understand where the person is coming from and be aware of their feelings is an important skill for anyone dealing with people particularly if you are providing service for a customer. Your candidates must be able to understand the customer’s frustration and partner with them to resolve problems.
  • Resilience. There are situations when customers get high emotions and tend to be rude. It is important that the ones that you hire have the ability to bounce back after a setback.
It will be tough to evaluate these skills by just looking into their resume so test your candidates and ask questions to see how they handle the issues.

A candidate must have enough knowledge of the product

While businesses are particularly unique in terms of processes, culture, and other facets, it will be helpful to consider candidates who have experience in dealing with customers of similar products or clients of the same business vertical. This way, it will be easier for you and your team to get them up to speed in training and deploy them into operation.
If you can’t find candidates that have ample knowledge about your products because your business has quite an innovative offer for the market, consider looking for someone with customer service experience in a business vertical that your product or service complements. For example, if your business is offering accommodation to affluent travelers who would like to experience off-the-grid self-sustaining living for a couple of days, you might want to look for a candidate with experience in a smaller niche in the hospitality industry which offers tiny cabin packages or outback glamping experiences.

They must have the willingness to learn

While this may be the most general factor to consider on the list, it is also one of the most significant. Willingness to learn is the basis for growing skills to any candidates. Your hires must seek to improve what they do and invest in their own skills. Having this kind of attitude among your employees can open doors to your business success.
Candidates who have this kind of attitude will be able to find more ways to solve problems and troubleshoot situations for your customers. This will also improve their self-confidence and boost their skills as customer service representatives.
The stakes are high for choosing the right person for this job and these are just a few things to consider. Use this guide to find and hire a strong and effective customer service for your business.