Offshoring. How we Make the Magic Happen!

The Offshore Process

Shore360 provides the support you need to shift time intensive business tasks to more cost effective locations and allow your local expert staff to focus on your business.

Australian business has suffered from the pressures of cost reduction, “doing more with less” and has buried our highly paid managers and leaders in repetitive and basis tasks.  At the same time competition is fierce, margins are getting thinner, budgets tighter and you simply can’t afford to hire the number of staff you need.

High speed internet and low cost communications has changed the way we do business and enabled a whole range of business services to be available on a global scale. These services are available at a reduced cost, can be deployed quickly and without compromise to quality and service.

It should come as no surprise that cash-strapped and time-poor SME’s are choosing to hire skilled staff offshore rather than hire and train workers locally for 5 times the price.

Shore360 provides the required support for you to recruit, train and supervise highly skilled personnel at a fraction of the cost of local staff.

Staff Lease is similar to the concept of a “Serviced Office” with the required organisation to service payroll and administration that complies with Philippine Labor code & Corporate Law.

Your Staff, Our Support

Offshoring Process in the Philippines

“No matter what business you are in – your competition will use off shore operations to lower their costs.  Today this will improve your margin; Tomorrow it will be for survival.”

Service Application

Shore360 offers a range of staffing options that varies with the level of support you require. You are always in control of your operating team from staff leasing to a full outsourcing model. All service options include a dedicated workstation assigned to your new recruit in our Clark office hosting state of the art technology, confidence in uptime and excellence in the office ecosystem

Our STANDARD Staff Lease Application is designed for you to manage your own project. We manage all the processes for you to hire and manage your team that includes recruitment, HR support, payroll and administration to meet statutory requirements and labour code.

Designed to provide you with the additional support in a co-managed application our DELUXE Staff Lease service provides in addition to our Standard service, Shore360 support managing communications, training and culture. You now have leadership on the ground in the Philippines to support your project.

Our premium CUSTOMISED SERVICE offers a responsible balance between sharing your tacit knowledge with on site performance management & leadership. This is a risk adverse application maximising local support with your home base management team. Shore360 delivers leadership to manage performance, outcomes and productivity to agreed KPI’s

No matter what business you are in – your competition will use off shore operations to lower their costs. Today this will improve your margin; tomorrow it will be for survival.

Serviced Office Philippines

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