Establish Your Business in the Philippines

Getting Started, Keep Going

Getting started is simple, select a process in your business that can be performed over the phone and / or on a computer and does not have to be client facing. With the right partner it can be quickly and efficiently relocated off shore.

You will immediately;

Save Money – select your staff based on skills, experience, salary and prospects and at a significantly reduced cost compared to local employment costs.

Save Space – Return your local office space to core business activity.

Save Administration – Shore360 provide the HR support, payroll and administration to meet statutory requirements and labor code.

Retain Expertise – Team Members are dedicated to your company so they quickly build up knowledge about how you like things run. Shore360 provide the leadership and support to embrace your company culture, drive positive staff engagement and company loyalty.

Scale in Your Time – You will quickly discover that the barriers to start up are low, requires no capital investment and the returns are immediate.

You now have your own office in the Philippines personalized with your company culture, operating procedure and disciplines without the burdens and administration of a business incorporation.

Congratulations keep going.

Start Your Business in the Philippines
Manage Your Own Team

It’s all about You

It’s all about you and your business. The keys to success are;

  1. Getting your organisation behind your off shore initiative. Managing change and culture in your business,
  2. Recruiting the right staff with the right skills that fit you business, and
  3. Getting you’re off shore team properly “tuned” ready for business.

What makes Shore360 different is that we are prepared to invest in an understanding of your organisation and as your partner in the Philippines helps you to do it right.

6 Steps to Offshoring

Define YOUR service requirements

Together we will work out what you need, build a staffing plan and develop a budget.

Agree YOUR terms

A service agreement is provided along with an implementation plan and timeline to ensure we are all working from the same page..

Customised YOUR infrastructure

Our team of technical specialists work with you to develop an optimal local IT platform to meet your business needs..

Find YOUR team

We believe recruitment is the most important step, people are the key to every business’s success.  We recruit only the best.

Tune in to YOUR way of doing business

We work with you to train and induct your new staff to your culture, your workflows and your business objectives.

We are with YOU every step of the way

Our on ground leadership team are with you throughout the journey to ensure the success of your off shore operation.  Today and tomorrow.

“Just as you would with a new employee in your home office, you coordinate training and induction into your business. Shore360 provides the leadership to support the training process on the ground and to “tune in” your new employee.”

The people process

The Clark region boasts a population of 8 million people and 3 of the top Philippine Universities offering a wide range of skilled and highly trained employment candidates.

Shore360 adopt a policy of employing as minimum standard tertiary educated candidates. This brings a standard in English language, work ethic and learning capability.

Once a statement of requirement has been established, our recruitment personnel test this requirement against our database of available recruits, market test with advertising, job fairs and referrals.

Only quality candidates will be presented to you for final interview and endorsement meaning that you can be sure only the most qualified candidates will join your team.

We prepare all new team members with NBI Security clearance, induction and familiarisation training, security and confidentiality agreements, employee handbook mapping workplace policy & procedures, health & safety regulations.

Employment contracts include provisions to be available to work business days in the country of service, and to work rotating shifts to service 24 hours operations if required.

“What makes Shore360 different is that we are prepared to invest in an understanding of your organisation and as your partner in the Philippines helps you to do it right.”

Incorporating options

when it all gets too successful

Should your off shore operation grow to a size that it is commercially viable to invest in your own business incorporation we are there to help.

Most importantly Shore360 is based in the optimum location for you to effectively commence your own operation and to transition your trained personnel should you choose to do so.

Clark Freeport offers tax incentives and exemptions not readily available anywhere else in Metro Manila, further Shore360 can provide guidance and support should you elect to incorporate in the future.

Take the First Step, you will Never Look Back!