Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Offshoring and Outsourcing?

Commonly misrepresented by some of the terminology bantered around the “BPO” (Business Process Outsourcing) industry and it is possible to outsource onshore or offshore and offshore without outsourcing.

Outsourcing is where a third party service provider is engaged to provide a service that delivers an outcome under a pre-agreed service level agreement. Cost is generally linked to a transaction or unit rate and the client typically isn’t involved in the process of delivering the service.

Offshoring is where a company will move or relocate part of its onshore operation offshore maintaining direct management and control of its operation. If the company does not have a legal entity in the offshore location it might engage a third party service provider who is based offshore to provide the legal entity, facility and equipment and to engage staff to perform the work in that country. The Offshoring Service can range with the Service Provider delivering 0% interest in the performance of the Client company operation (commonly called a “Seat Lease”) through to 100% responsibility for the performance of the operation (outsourcing)

Co-management of the offshore operation and performance is comonnly referred to as “Staff Lease”

What is BPO?

BPO stands for business process outsourcing and is often used to describe offshoring and outsourcing.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing involves transferring the management and/or execution of a business process to a third party service provider under an outsource arrangement or offshore arrangement or both.

What is KPO?

KPO stands for knowledge process outsourcing and is used in offshoring applications that sponsor specialised forms of BPO, demanding highly trained and specialised skills. Knowledge processes in the IT industry, engineering, medical, legal, financial sectors are often referred to as KPO.

Can I get help training my staff?

Our office environment is equipped with meeting rooms and teleconferencing equipment for our clients to conduct onsite and online training to their offshore team both on a start up basis and ongoing up skill and refresher requirements. You have free access to the operating environment to observe performance, operations and coach as required.

We monitor attendance, behaviour and adherence to your work schedules and report by individual team member accordingly. Further Shore360 can conduct performance monitoring at your direction, maintain reporting and feedback. We will work with you to map out working KPI’s or control measurements to monitor.

Is there a risk of technical or infrastructure failures?

Shore360 maintain a two 10Gb broadband connections with redundancy across multiple service providers.  Our office located at Philiexcel Business Park has generator backup to power supply and all computer equipment is supported by UPS units. It should be noted that the Clark region operates on a separate power and broadband grid to Metro Manila and as such it is far less susceptible to outages caused by flood and weather conditions.

Can I build my own business in the Philippines?

This is a critical factor that every client needs to consider sooner rather than later. To maximise staff retention and maintain continuity of services during a transition to your own operation will require that your service provider is strategically located relative to where it is most opportune for you to build your own business.

The very reasons Shore360 elected to incorporate in the Clark Freeport Zone remains true for our clients.  The following business incentives are available via the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) or are features of the Clark Freeport Zone that are not available in Metro Manila:

  • VAT Exemption – quite important if the organisation collects revenue or fund from international sources and as such does not collect VAT credits to off set debits. The VAT component of expenses can not be declared in tax filing.

  • 5% Company Tax whereas outside of the Freeport Zone a 32% company tax applies.

  • Working VISA for foreigners – a Clark Special Work VISA (CSWV) is available in the region that is much easier to apply for and more readily available than the standard 9g Work VISA

  • A variation to the Philippine Labor Code applies in the region that provides more flexibility in hiring and operates on a lower minimum wage to the rest of the Philippines.

  • Flexible property leases are available that allows the Business Investor or “locator” to upsize / downsize floor space within a single lease agreement and at any time during the lease period. This offers enormous flexibility to fit property to growth.

Our pricing model is designed to provide absolute transparency in labour costs that you would carry forward with a transition to your own operation.  Exit costs are minimal and subject to agreed notice periods.

Can i scale up my operation?

Generally Shore360 offer Client contract arrangements with no fixed term and manage rise and fall in staffing requirements with formal notice periods that meet Labour code obligations and a minimal exit fee to cover the additional statutory requirements to exit an employee.

It is expected that there will be rise and fall in staff numbers influenced by performance evaluation, cyclical and other market influences that can be managed with formal notice arrangements.

You may also consider employment arrangements other than full time employment to manage the commercial impacts of rise and fall. This might include part time employment, base wage retainer plus session allowance that could be aligned to work schedules, demand windows and business growth.

Is your equipment current?

The standard computer hardware provided by Shore360 is less than 3 yrs old configured with INTEL Core 3Mb processor, 4GB Memory,  18.5” Samsung Flat Screen, web cam, noise cancelling headset and Windows Professional 7, Microsoft Office 365, Basecamp and worksnaps.

Is my work space secure?

We provide both open office and dedicate office space as required by our client. Our office is outfitted with standard partitioned workstations designed for voice and non voice service activity. Our operating environment is considered a quarantine area and staff facilities including pantry, meeting rooms and breakout areas are provided to minimise distraction from non production related activity in the work area. We maintain state of the art technology, confidence in uptime and excellence in the office ecosystem.

What does HR services include?

Our management and leadership team provide the HR services of recruitment, induction, payroll and administration to meet statutory requirements and labor code. We also manage dispute resolution, progressive counselling, performance feedback and dismissal processes.

All new Team Members are required to;

  • Meet NBI Security clearance,
  • Undergo Shore360 induction and familiarisation program,
  • Sign Shore360 security and confidentiality agreements,
  • Agree to abide by the Shore360 employee handbook mapping workplace policy & procedures, health & safety regulations.
  • Undergo mandatory 6 month probationary employment period.

Attendance and tardiness is monitored to agreed schedules and will be subject to progressive counselling process and in serious or on repetitive offences will result in dismissal (in consultation with the client).

The Shore360 employee Handbook covers policies relating to staff behaviour, code of conduct, security and confidentiality among others and is the basis for day to day staff management.

Will i have access to staff performance metrics?

We will manage your staff performance above and beyond attendance and adherence to work schedules based on a metrics agreed to with the client. This may require our leadership team access to your systems to gather reporting data, customer feedback and service standards.

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